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VinylPlus® product label for Verseidag-Indutex GmbH

The Verseidag partnership for voluntary commitment to sustainable handling of PVC

In March 2020, Verseidag-Indutex became the first company in the PVC coating industry to be awarded the VinylPlus® Product Label. VinylPlus® is a sustainability programme for the European PVC sector. It began in 2011 as a voluntary commitment, and it has continued to develop since in dialogue with representatives from industry, public bodies, NGOs and civil society. VinylPlus® is intended to encourage sustainable production, processing and use of PVC material throughout the value-added chain ( The demanding criteria for the VinylPlus® Product Label certification process involve investigating and verifying sustainable raw material procurement, the reduction of emissions, energy-saving production methods, and monitoring material cycles within companies. By taking part in the initiative, Verseidag-Indutex GmbH underscores its commitment to responsible and sustainable handling of PVC, which is particularly well suited to permanent and temporary applications in construction work. All certified articles are 100% recyclable, ensuring their integration in the material cycle system. Verseidag-Indutex GmbH sets new standards in this field, playing a leading role in the production of sustainable products.

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The parent company of dbds and supplier of its PVC textile material has been dedicated to the topics of environmental protection and sustainability for more than 25 years, committing itself to these ideals throughout its entire production chain, from procurement to recycling. With long-term thinking and sustainable action, Verseidag invests in resource-saving technologies.