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About us

Quality, innovation and customised solutions. These are the three pillars of dbds – Deutsche Biogas Dach-Systeme GmbH, which offers flexible storage systems for biogas plants. Our high standards for the quality we provide – both when it comes to advising and supporting customers, and in the quality of our products – paired with our determination to always think innovatively and strive for further progress mean that we can give our customers first-class, customised solutions that offer the best possible efficiency. This philosophy and this goal have made dbds a leading provider of gas storage systems in the agricultural and industrial biogas plant sectors.

As a direct subsidiary of both Verseidag Indutex (coated membranes) from Krefeld and Seybold (technical products) from Düren, dbds specialises in the technical design and sales of biogas roof systems made of high-frequency welded PVC membranes, from its site in Kreuzau, near Aachen. It benefits from the expertise of its two parent companies, which can draw on decades of experience in the fields of innovative and high-quality composite materials, complex technical product manufacturing, and textile architecture.

Since it was founded in 2011, dbds has successfully sold more than 3,500 roofs for biogas plants to a wide range of plant manufacturers and operators in both the agricultural and industrial sectors. In addition to our membranes, we also offer high quality components as complete systems. Furthermore, we provide reliable and prompt installation services, as well as verifiable structural analyses in accordance with DIN EN 1991-1-4, taking the relevant snow and wind loads into account. We will be happy to implement your requirements or the specifications set by your regulator in order to fulfil TRAS-120, and are there to help you with your planning and building work.

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