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Biogas & sustainability

The advantages of biogas in terms of sustainability make it a promising alternative to fossil fuels. It helps us reduce greenhouse gases, promote a recycling economy, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and encourage sustainable agricultural methods.

The key benefits of biogas are:

  1. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels
  2. Promoting a recycling economy through the use of organic waste products
  3. Independence from fossil fuels and stabilisation of energy supplies
  4. Reliable source of energy and a complement to wind energy or solar energy thanks to continuous availability
  5. Contribution to sustainable agriculture thanks to the use of fermentation products as fertilisers
  6. Versatile applications in various sectors such as power generation and transport

In Germany, the contribution made by biogas to power generation has increased steadily in recent years. Biogas plants are able to produce energy continuously, regardless of weather conditions. They thus act as a stable and flexible complement to other renewable energies such as wind and solar. Biogas also plays a key role in energy storage. If biogas is converted into biomethane, it can be fed into the natural gas network and used to generate electricity when needed. This enables flexible use and distribution of renewable energy.

Biogas and biomass in the German electricity supply sector help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and play a role in reaching the country’s climate goals.

Take a look at Electricity Maps to see what share of German electricity is currently generated from biomass:

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Biogases: Beyond Energy

The “Biogases: Beyond Energy” project from the European Biogas Association (EBA) investigates the advantages and approaches that biogases are already providing in the development of a European bioeconomy. The EBA issued six factsheets in 2023 explaining the opportunities and potential savings offered by biogas and biomethane.

Below is a link to the European Biogas Association project and a download link to the factsheets published by the Fachverband Bioigas e.V. association in Germany:

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Biogases: Beyond Energy Part 1

Biogas and biomethane enable continuous electricity generation and help ensure grid stability and seasonal energy storage. Factsheet 1 covers the role of biogas and biomethane in the energy system.

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Biogases: Beyond Energy Part 2

Factsheet 2 presents the fundamental principles of regenerative agriculture and explores the numerous associated benefits of biogas systems.

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