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Site and production

The home of dbds – Kreuzau-Stockheim

Since its founding, dbds has been based in Kreuzau-Stockheim in the district of Düren, between Cologne and Aachen. The dbds headquarters thus share a location with the second production site of the Seybold company, enabling continuous exchange and communication with the production department and ensuring access to membranes and components at all times.

Due to the significant increase in employee numbers since 2020, our offices now stretch over two floors.

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Kreuzau-Stockheim production site

At our production site in Kreuzau-Stockheim, we work on multiple high-frequency welding machines in a three-shift operation to produce our biogas membranes with a growing number of employees. Stockheim is also home to the dbds site, including the warehouse and material planning for all components relating to our biogas roof system. It is from here that our dbds projects are exported around the world.

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Düren-Gürzenich production site

Düren-Gürzenich is home to the headquarters of Seybold Technische Konfektionen GmbH & Co. KG, which is the main production site. Our employees work here on multiple production tables with high-frequency welding machines, sewing machines etc. This is also the location for technical processing, the drawing office and the research and development department. The site also includes Seybold’s test tank, which is part of the German Federal research project “Innovative gas storage technologies” where continuous testing and adjustment takes place for innovative development of our gas storage systems.

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